Production Plants




Eldor chose Brazil as its entry point to the Latin American market.

In line with the company’ style and procedures, Eldor first studied the Latin American market and culture, so that, from the very start, work would proceed harmoniously and with passion, while respecting the demands of the high technology developed by the Group.

The first stage in this process was to set up a panel of suppliers.


Eldor started exporting Automotive components to Brazil.


After three years of exciting work and achieving impressive results, Eldor made the pivotal decision to open a facility in Brazil, thereby taking its first small step. Eldor’s quality control laboratory opened in Indaiatuba (São Paulo). The ultimate goal was to build a manufacturing plant, which was accomplished in 2013.


Eldor began mass producing ignition systems. The company’s proprietary automated production systems came into play in this phase.


As part of Eldor’s operations’ expansion in Brazil, a second building was opened in the city of Indaiatuba, which functions as the warehouse and shipping hub of finishing goods to Brazilian customers.